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Najmuddin Group of Companies
  The Najmuddin group of companies has over the years established itself as a successful and reliable business house with activities ranging from technology to exports. Be it supplying soda ash, or developing the software of a medical company, the group's activates are as profitable as they are diverse. Although the Najmuddin group is based in Egypt, in effect it is everywhere where its clients are. In the international trade in which the Najmuddin group thrives, distances are converted to advantages, problems are converted to opportunities. Go ahead and read about our companies so that you may know us and understand us.
Najmuddin Inc.
  Najmuddin Inc. with its Team and connections, in Various countries opens the horizon to any and all solutions.
- Enzyme
- Ozone
- Filtration
- Renewable Energy
Joher International
  With a wide network covering Egypt and spreading across North Africa, Joher International is in tune with the market requirements in the region. It conducts indenting in products ranging from tea to shellac.
Najmuddin Exports
  A key player in the Egyptian export industry, Najmuddin Exports specializes in the export of commodities such as soda ash, marble, etc. It has time and again provided high value to its clients worldwide.
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